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    Welcome to BPX. We stock, sell, supply, and support a portfolio of 80,000 electrical, electronic and pneumatic products that are used within control systems or machinery to make equipment or processes operate automatically and efficiently.

  • Why You Need a Precision Regulator ControlAir

    Most precision regulators are 0.25” or less of water column while most general-purpose regulators are around 1”. Some things that affect the sensitivity of a regulator are diaphragm design and materials, valve and valve seat materials, flow rates for a particular valve and even downstream volume requirements.

  • Pressure Regulators Netafim Accessories

     · Pressure Regulators Our highly accurate regulators designed to ensure uniform pressure and maximum system uptime and maintain continuous non-peak & consistent system pressure. Highly accurate pressure regulators are available in two models PRV Located near the head control, this model is available at various outlet pressures.

  • Precision Control Valves, Regulators, and Acccessories by

    A complete line of high pressure regulators including self-operated, diaphragm-sensed and piston-sensed. Accessories &xrarr Top mounted positioners and side mounted positioners for control valves, pressure and temperature controllers and high pressure filters for regulators.

  • Precision Regulator Maximum Working pressure 10 Bar

    Precision Regulator Maximum Working pressure 10 BarMy Janatics. Home. Regulator. Janatics,PR13612,Precision RegulatorG1/4 (4bar),0.14 Bar,BSP. Note The above product photo is common for all its variants. The model no mentioned on the product sticker is for representation purpose only. All the physical dimensions remain same for all

  • Precision Air Regulators McMaster-Carr

    Compressed Air Filter/Precision Regulators for Particle Removal. With ±0. 2 psi accuracy, these filter/regulators provide more precise control than our other compressed air filter/regulators. They provide clean air for use in applications where constant, consistent pressure is important. Joined top-to- bottom, the filter and regulator fit in

  • Precision Pressure Regulators ControlAir

    Our precision regulators provide the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available and cater to a wide range of applications that require exact pressure control under variable operating conditions. Applications include medical devices, air gauging, diagnostic equipment, coordinate measuring machines, leak testing equipment

  • ProductsPrecision Regulators Emerson

    Browse Precision Regulators. Emerson is where technology and engineering come together to create solutions for the benefit of our customers, driven without compromise for a world in action.

  • Precision Regulator/ Digital Gauge Fluid Reservoirs

     · Precision Regulator/ Digital Gauge Fluid Reservoirs Precision tank air pressure control is essential to ensure consistent, accurate fluid deposits from the dispense valve. EFD Precision Regulator/Digital Gauge tank reservoirs offer exceptional full-to-empty fluid pressure control. Available in 0-10 psi (0-0.7 bar) for low viscosity

  • IMI NorgrenIMI Precision Engineering

    IMI Norgren. The IMI Norgren brand is broad in range and specialist in nature, covering everything from pneumatic actuators and air preparation, through to proportional valves and high pressure regulators. With over 80 years industry experience, the IMI Norgren brand includes a wide range of high quality pneumatic and fluid control products

  • High Precision RegulatorsParker

     · R210 / 220 High Precision Regulator Ordering Information Reduced Pressure Range (Bar) Relieving 0.13 to 2.7 0.13 to 8.2 0.13 to 8.2 High Relief In / Out Ports 1/4" R210G02A R210G02C R220G02C The R210 / R220 are high precision, multi-stage pressure regulators. This pressure controller provides the highest

  • LM3411 Precision Secondary Regulator and Driver

     · Switching Regulators Systems • Use With LDO Regulator for High-Precision, Fixed-Output Regulators • Precision Monitoring Applications • Use With Many Types of Regulators to Increase Precision and Improve Performance 3 Description The LM3411 is a low-power fixed-voltage (3.3 V or 5 V) precision shunt regulator designed specifically

  • RegulatorsSMC

    Our products. SMC has a range of 12,000 basic models and over 700,000 variations to respond to day-to-day automation needs. Our experts are always on hand to

  • TESCOM Precision Fluid Control Solutions Emerson GB

    TESCOM pressure regulators, backpressure regulators, instrumentation valves, changeover manifolds, controllers and pressure control systems are critical to the fluid and pressure controls of dozens of industry applications, including many operations with extreme conditions or involving hazardous materials or

  • Precision RegulatorPneumatic cylinders, valves, air

     · The precision regulator is characterized by a high precision and stability of the pressure adjusted thanks to a constructive concept of multi-membrane. The presence of a controlled air leak and a particularly sensitive relieving exhaust allow optimal performances even at low pressures.

  • Regulators Farnell Ireland

    Precision Pressure Regulator G1/4 50 7bar 800l/min -10°C Female Thread 60°C 50mbar LRP Series LRP-1/4-2,5 (Ireland) Ltd. Registered number 113903 Registered office Riverside One, Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland.

  • Type 7200BP Precision Back Pressure Regulator ControlAir

    The Type 7200BP Back Pressure Regulator is a high flow, highly accurate and repeatable pneumatic relief valve with an adjustable set point. It is a normally closed valve that will remain closed until the pressure at the inlet exceeds the regulator’s set point. When pressure does exceed the regulator’s setpoint, the valve will open and vent

  • Pneumatic Automation, Air treatment Regulators

    Regulators. Series HZRP30. Precision regulator G1/4. High precision pressure control, provided by multi-membrane construction. Sensitivity ≤ 0,2% of full-scale pressure (F.S.). Suitable for applications requiring high precise pressure control such as balancing and tensioning systems. Standard supplied with L-bracket and panel mounting nut.

  • Regulation Central Bank of Ireland

    Central Securities Depository Regulation (CSDR) What we doAuthorise, Monitor, Enforce. We regulate more than 10,000 firms providing financial services in Ireland and overseas. This regulation is undertaken through risk-based supervision, underpinned by a credible threat of enforcement. Our objective is to ensure financial stability

  • Precision Regulator Model 8286 ParkerGB

    The Parker Precision Fluidics Model 8286 Regulator utilizes a pneumatically balanced poppet valve to ensure maximum stability over wide variations in supply pressure. Based on Parker's popular 8310 model, the 8286 offers higher flow capability combined with precision pressure control.

  • Adjustable precision shunt regulators

     · TLVH431N family Adjustable precision shunt regulators Rev. 2 — 9 December 2020 Product data sheet 1. General description Three-terminal shunt regulator family with an output voltage range between Vref = 1.24 V and 14 V, to be set by two external resistors.

  • Precision RegulatorSMC

     · Precision Regulator Precision Regulator Reduced by 71 mm Current model Sensitivity 0.2 % (Full span) Repeatability ±0.5 % (Full span) * Compared with the current IR1000/2000/3000 NewIR Current model Series 0.13 0.14 IR1000-A 0.23 0.30 IR2000-A 0.47 0.64 IR3000-A [kg] * Compared with the current IR1000/2000 NewIR Current model Series 720 320

  • Precision Regulator

     · viewing the precision regulator with the SUP side to the left and OUT side to the right. The bracket is attached to the back. Note 8) Refer to pages 819 to 821 for details on the Made-to-Order specifications and whether the combination of multiple specifications is possible. In addition, the product for the following specifications is also

  • RegulatorsPrecision Regulator

    Pneumatic Pressure Regulator 250Psi Nullmatic Pressure Regulator Pressure Regulator 250 Air Pressure Regulator 1 Air Regulator 1 4 Npt Nullmatic Pressure Regulator

  • Precision Vacuum regulators Back Pressure Technology

    Equilibar® Precision Vacuum Regulators Incredibly stable vacuum control across varying flow rates. Equilibar® offers a unique type of vacuum regulator with more than 5X the flow stability of traditional spring regulators. That means that your vacuum process can remain stable even through wide variations in flow rate and supply pressures.

  • Precision RegulatorAllied Electronics

     · Precision Regulator 549 ARJ AMR ARM ARP IR IRV VEX1 SRH SRP SRF ARX20 VCHR ITV IC PVQ VER VEA VY2 AP100 VBA VBAT AR425 to 935 VEF VEP P0529-P0600-E.qxd 08.11.6 2 21 PM Page 549. Bracket and pressure gauge can be mounted from 2 directions Mounting is possible on either the front or the back. Expanded regulating

  • Precision pressure regulators MS-LRP Festo Ireland

    Port G1/4, G3/8, G1/2, G3/4 Flow rate 800 5000 l/min Documentation Show products . Imprint, legal notice, data privacy Cookies Web-Tools Terms and conditions of sale Cloud Services Festo Group App World Cookies Web-Tools Terms and conditions of sale Cloud Services Festo Group App World

  • Regulators UK & Ireland

    Parker offers a range of air-line, pressure high flow and single phase regulators for instrumentation, filtration, refrigeration and pneumatic applications. Instrumentation regulators are used in the process, power, oil, gas and semiconductor industries to control the flow of liquids and gases with speed and precision. Air regulators provide quick response and accurate pressure regulation for

  • Adjustable precision shunt regulators

     · TLVH431N family Adjustable precision shunt regulators Rev. 2 — 9 December 2020 Product data sheet 1. General description Three-terminal shunt regulator family with an output voltage range between Vref = 1.24 V and 14 V, to be set by two external resistors.

  • TL431 family Adjustable precision shunt regulator

     · Adjustable precision shunt regulator 4. Marking Table 5. Marking codes [1] * = placeholder for manufacturing site code. 5. Functional diagram The TL431 family comprises a range of 3-terminal adjustable shunt regulators, with specified thermal stability over applicable automotive and commercial temperature ranges.

  • Precision Regulators SMC Corporation of America

    Precision air regulators offer precise pressure control and pressure adjustment can be critical factors when working with either pressure fed fluids, air pilot regulator supply or during test and inspection applications. ARP. The ARP is a modular style, direct operated precision regulator.

  • Regulatorsapeksdiving

     · In the mid-1970s, two friends decided to combine their knowledge of diving and precision engineering. Working from a small garage in the north of England, they set about creating what has become some of the most respected scuba diving equipment on the market. Decades later that spirit of precision-engineering and craftsmanship continues.

  • High precision, large capacity relief regulator

     · Precision regulator Operation Air operated type Manual knob type Body size Port size Body size Port Port size 1(P), 2(A) 3(R) Thread type Nil F N T Rc G Note 1) NPT NPTF Option Bracket Foot Pressure gauge Silencer for bleed port Body ported Base mounted 8 1 4 1 4 1 8 3 2 1 2 1 4 3 1 Without sub-plate 1 2 4 1 2 1 1 4 1 8 1 4 1 1 1 2